Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU)

About the group

WildCRU’s mission is to transform wildlife conservation through world-class research, training and implementation. Our approach is evidence-based, interdisciplinary and collaborative. Evaluating and tracking our conservation impact is integral to our work.

WildCRU’s research underpins conservation strategy, informs project implementation and supports policy change at local and international levels. It covers a wealth of topics, issues, species and landscapes comprising nine key themes.

  • Changing landscapes: Informing and developing conservation strategies under dynamic conditions.
  • Essential knowledge: Discovering and sharing crucial information to underpin conservation.
  • Conflict and co-existence: Researching, understanding and helping reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  • Incentivising conservation: Exploring both financial and nonfinancial ways to support conservation.
  • Health, welfare & ethics: Considering how conservation can be ethical, humane and improve outcomes for people and wildlife.
  • Wildlife use & misuse: Assessing the dynamics and impacts of wildlife use to help foster sustainability.
  • Controversial conservation: Understanding diverse perspectives and sharing evidence to inform decisions.
  • Conservation recovery: Investigating ecological and social issues to support species and ecosystem recovery.
  • Communicating conservation: Making research accessible to highlight conservation challenges and inform solutions.
Academic leads